My English

English is precious in my life. I thought my English skill is not so high. There are so many people who can speak even in Japan. So, I gave up to appeal English as my advantage. However, probably, this will be appreciated in Japanese society. I realize that I should confident in my English skill. I got this skill when I stayed African country as volunteer work. It may be a rare experience (even though I did not think like that) in Japan.

Now, I am struggling with my current job. I fear every day. But I think my English skill will be taking me somewhere. It will protect me. It releases me from difficulties to live.

How can I be a smart person?

I want to be a smart person. But I know it is too late to think of that. Smartness is defined when we are children.

I do not want to belong to any group, but I know I don’t have any specialty. That’s why I am doing my current job.

My desire is growing day by day. I want to face people’s demands directly. I want to behave as real myself. Give me the way to live as a strong human. Somebody tell me.

Life in Tokyo

I have been living in Japan for three years. Life is streaming so fast. I hope that my word is reaching someone.

Something is growing in my mind. I can not touch this feeling. It seems that some other men are living in my mind. I have been searching for something since I was a student. Now, I was already grown up but still could not find something. I just wanted to go abroad to study. That was my dream. What will be if I had studied in the US? I don’t know. It is just wasting time to think about such a thing.

Tokyo Tower

I am living near the Arakawa river, and I can see Tokyo Sky Tree well. I often see that very tall tower, and that height has been natural for me now.

That’s why, when I go to Tokyo Tower sometimes, I am surprised that it’s short. Japanese people might be proud of that tower before. But now, we can see many buildings that higher than Tokyo Tower. If we mention the height, Tokyo Tower does not have any value in that world. It looks like the usual tower which is standing in the local town.

However, I love Tokyo Tower’s atmosphere. Especially the Bottom design. It appeals to us its strongness. I love its design of the steel frame construction.


I remember when I go to Zanzibar. Zanzibar. People may don’t know the name of the city. It is located in the African country of Tanzania. It is near the big city Dar es Salaam. *Dar es Salaam was previously the capital city.

It is the Island. It has a sad history. The Island was developed as the slave market. Now many people visit this place as a tourist spot. Since Arabic countries dominate this city, we can see much Islamic influence there. Most of the citizens are Muslim, and the Koran sound is streaming in the city. I can feel that I came to a “different country” from this sound.

It is easy to lose the way in Stone Town (the central area on the Island). You may feel be confused when you get to this town. Or, you may enjoy losing the way and go forward without any goal.