Trial of traditional Japanese masterpiece Edo Kiriko.

I found an interesting store near my house. We can do the trial making Edo Kiriko. Kiriko is a Japanese masterpiece craft that is made of lead glass. It is developed in the Edo era. Its character is beautifulness of the color and pattern.

Once you applied, you can start the craft making with a tutor.

I just made a simple line, so I don’t try any complicated pattern. Every picture here is made by the shop owner (You can also buy the glasses). I enjoyed it very much.

Bakely shop in Town

Sometimes I really want to eat many pieces of bread. Rather than eating expensive bread, I prefer to eat much of bread. Quantity is important rather than quality for me. I want to taste a variety of bread.

I found a good bakery shop. They provide us so many types of bread. Pizza, Melon bread, Curry bread, Sandwich, Coppe Pan (with homemade jam), and so many others. Uh, I can not decide what I am supposed to eat. The price is not so expensive.

Sitting the riverside with Coffee

I often go to the riverside in the morning. I see many ducks that are eating something. That is my precious time in the morning before I start my job. However, I had not gone to the riverside so often before. I had never come close to that place even though I live near the big river. Why? Right now, I am wondering. It seems like that I missed the chance to see nature. I realized that nature is everywhere. People don’t realize it. If we see our surroundings, we can find many interesting things in our life.

What do we have in East Tokyo?

I have changed my blog title because I want to write something about Tokyo. Especially East Tokyo. Now, I am living in East Tokyo that is located really near Chiba prefecture. I am not sure how long I will live in this place. I am getting to have the desire to move rural area recently. At least I want to enjoy that I am living here right now. You can find many attractive tourist spots and local places. I want to introduce those places in this Blog. Find something interesting on this site!